Financing and asset management solutions for virtually every piece of equipment you use.

You know what equipment you need; we know how to finance and manage it for you. Xced offers lease financing and traditional fixed purchase option financing structures on new and used ground support equipment. In addition, we provide a wide range of incremental asset management services for trade-in, buy/sell, refurbishment and refurbishment financing.

We can help you with every aspect of owning or leasing virtually all of the ground support equipment you use in your business. That's a 360 degree level of knowledge and service you just won't find anywhere else.

Here is a sample of some of the wide variety of assets we finance:

  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Aircraft Heaters
  • Aircraft Refuelers
  • Airport Buses
  • Air Starts
  • Baggage Carts
  • Baggage Tractors
  • Belt Loaders
  • Conventional Push Back Tractors
  • Catering Trucks
  • Deicers
  • Fueling Carts
  • Ground Power Units
  • Hydrant Carts
  • Lavatory Carts and Trucks
  • Lower Deck Loaders
  • Main Deck Loaders
  • Passenger Stairs
  • Taxibot
  • Towbarless Tractors
  • Water Carts and Trucks

We're here for you.

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