Financing, leasing, refurbishment and upgrade options customized to work for you and your changing business.

Xcēd delivers financing options that are customized to your business. We understand the changing needs of the aviation industry, cyclical expansion and revenue streams.  That’s why we offer flexible financing and leasing options for all your GSE to meet your changing needs and evolving business.

We offer customized, single-investor aviation equipment financing solutions, and do not sell our leases. This financing structure gives your company the ultimate flexibility. When your needs change, we will modify your financing and leases to change with them.

Traditional Financing

From short-term leases under 12 months to terms up to 10 years, we can design a traditional lease that will help your business run more efficiently and effectively. Our aviation equipment leasing and financing programs are available for everything your business needs, including cargo loaders, baggage tractors, deicers, push tractors, ground power and every other kind of new  and refurbished equipment.

GSE Upgrade Program

Making equipment upgrades is often a smart choice for anyone looking to get more out of their investment. Whether you own or lease, we’ll take your aviation equipment in trade to lower your cap costs on your newly leased equipment. That saves you money and keeps your operation running more reliably.

Refurbishment/Refurbishment Financing

It’s one more way Xcēd goes over and above traditional leasing companies. We can help reduce your overhead by buying your existing GSE, getting it refurbished and, when it’s in ideal working condition, leasing it to you. You get extended use out of your equipment at a fraction of the cost.

We also offer a range of leasing and financing for sale/leaseback options, and GSE portfolio purchases.

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